• KPEL is certified for ISO 9001:2015 Vpi Transformer Suppliers ISO 14001:2015 iso & ISO 45001:2018 Vpi Transformer Suppliers,OHSAS 18001:2007 Vpi Transformer Suppliers.

VPI Transformer

Product Description

  • Rating: Up to 3000 KVA
  • Voltage Class: Up to 11 KV CLASS
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • No of Phase: Three Phase
  • Cooling: AN/AF
  • Vector Group: As per customer requirement
  • Winding Material: Aluminum/ Copper
  • Tapping: OCTL, OCTC, OLTC
  • Insulation Class: (90째C Temp. Rise), Others on request.
  • Applicable Standards: IS11171, IEC60076
VPI Transformer


  • Impregnation process is automatic and it ensures a void free insulation
  • Multiple voltages on primary and secondary side to suit customer requirement
  • Fans can be used to upgrade the rating
  • Self-extinguish type with higher resistance to fire than oil
  • Low voltage winding with high current taps provided
  • Suitable for harmonic loading.


Power transformers are available for both indoor and outdoor applications.

  • These type of transformers are used for indoor type Application
  • Infrastructure (Buildings, Hospitals, Hotels, residential complex, etc)
  • VPI type transformers are widely used for special industrial applications like drive control systems; it can also be used in distribution network with IP54 construction.