We are on the approved list of leading consultants, major houses & also with Electricity Boards in the country.

We are fully aware about the downtime loss in a production unit. Especially if it comes about due to the failure of a transformer. Irrespective of brand of transformer, kindly note that,

  • KPEL has excellent design back up to check the transformer undertaken for repair and to suggest alteration in design and to repair the same with suitable modification for trouble-free operations subsequently. All improvements to enhance better performance are carried out without obligation.
  • KPEL has the requisite confidence in its in-house technical strength to offer suitable guarantees on such repaired transformers even though the original units are of a make other than its own.
  • In KPEL, we do not differentiate the transformer under manufacturing and the transformer under repair as far as quality aspects are concern.
    • During emergencies or planned production breaks when your equipment or processes fail, we are there to provide instant technical support and repairs.
    • When troubleshooting needs to be carried out quickly, we identify and analyze the root causes of equipment failures and suggest the most effective courses of action.
  • Installation of accessories
  • Testing and Commissioning of the transformer
  • Commissioning tests/checks