• KPEL is certified for ISO 9001:2015 Unitised Substation Manufacturers In India ISO 14001:2015 Unitised Substation Manufacturers In India & ISO 45001:2018 Unitised Substation Manufacturers In India,OHSAS 18001:2007 Unitised Substation Manufacturers In India.

Package sub station

Product Description

  • Rating: 3000 KVA
  • Voltage Class: 11 KV & 33 KV CLASS
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • No of Phase: Single & Three Phase
  • Cooling: ONAN/AN
  • Vector Group: As per customer requirement
  • Winding Material: Aluminum/ Copper
  • Tapping: OCTL, OCTC, OLTC
  • Insulation Class: A,F,H,C
  • Applicable Standards: IEC 62271
Package sub station


  • Modular features enables faster assembly and reduce lead times.
  • Vertically mounted compact Panel Electrically interlocked doors for Safety Retrofitting at site Improved aesthetics
  • Supplied with both Primary and Secondary Protections
    • HT – VCB / LBS w/wo Metering
    • LT – ACB / MCCB
  • Dry Type / Oil Immersed
  • Available in IP 23/43/53 Enclosures
  • Utilizes 20% footprint in comparison to Air Insulated SS
  • Meets IP23D degree of protection as per IEC 62271


Power transformers are available for both indoor and outdoor applications.

  • Industries Infrastructures (Commercial/Residential buildings, Hospitals, Malls, Hotels)
  • In installation like - buildings, housing colonies, shopping malls, IT industry, Construction sites, Mobile substations, Wind energy, Utilities, Gas stations. The USS also can be installed on rooftop or basement with cross ventilation.
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Kanyaka Industries boasts a robust distribution network, making us leading package substation transformer distributors in Hyderabad. Our efficient supply chain ensures timely delivery and installation of transformers, minimizing downtime and ensuring seamless operations for our clients. Our team is committed to providing exceptional service and support at every stage of the project.

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As one of the premier package substation manufacturing dealers in India, Kanyaka Industries prides itself on its best manufacturing capabilities. Our facilities are equipped with the latest technology, allowing us to produce high-performance transformers that meet the diverse needs of our clients. We adhere to strict quality control processes to ensure that every product we deliver is of the highest standard.

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Kanyaka Industries is a trusted name among package substation suppliers in India. Our extensive distribution network ensures that our products are available to clients across the country. We are dedicated to providing reliable and efficient power distribution solutions, helping businesses and communities thrive.

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Our range of package transformer substation solutions is designed to cater to a variety of applications. Whether you need transformers for industrial, commercial, or residential use, Kanyaka Industries has the expertise and resources to deliver the right solution. Our transformers are designed to provide reliable and efficient power distribution, ensuring optimal performance in any setting.

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