Top VPI Transformer Manufacturers in India

We at Kanyaka Parameshwari Engineering Ltd are documented as Vpi Transformer Manufacturers in India. This Transformer is specifically designed to support the distribution network for feeding basements or high-rise buildings, stadiums, hotels, Malls, airports, chemical and refinery plants.

Kanyaka offers a technologically wide range of Vacuum Pressure Impregnated; VPI Transformers up to 3000 KVA in 11 KV Class. These transformers are designed for hassle-free performance, with low noise and low power loss. Use of advanced manufacturing techniques and minimal utilization of enhanced materials ensures cost-effectiveness, reliability and long hassle-free performance.


Fire safety and environmental aspects are of accelerating importance. The substitution of oil-filled transformers by VPI transformers is one among the foremost important steps towards it. A VPI transformer is employed when it's to be located near the load center and in a fire hazardous place. A special sort of fire-resistant insulation is employed for the windings, thus reducing the health risk considerably

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