Solar Transformer Manufacturer in India

Kanyaka Parameshwari Engineering Ltd is a well-known Solar Transformer manufacturer in India. We are a team of engineers who lend our expertise to the transformers manufacturing field. We are engaged with the manufacturing and supplying of transformers and special purpose transformers under the brand name Kanyaka Parameshwari. We strongly believe in customer support and ensure it is achieved by after sales services to our clients.

Solar Transformer is used for converting the low voltage into high voltage and fed into an influence grid. Thus, this transformer is additionally referred to as Convertor Duty or Inverter Duty transformer. The transformer is designed such that it can lower the noise caused by the inverter. A Copper static shield is provided grounding separately to resist RF disturbance. For such transformers, the planning is completed with multiple winding, for instance, three winding or four winding transformers which make six pulses and twelve pulses transformers. Maintaining proper mechanical and electrical properties may be a significant part of designing such a transformer ensuring good performance with the security of all the electrical equipment.

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