Single Phase Transformer Manufacturers in Hyderabad

Kanyaka Parameshwari are considered the best-in-class single phase transformer manufacturers in Hyderabad. It functions as an electronic component which works on a single phase AC. This is often commonly utilized to lower long-distance signals. Its utilization is apt for both commercial and residential electronic devices. Single phase transformer is widely in demand for electrical components. It has the power to convert the voltages from one power level to another. It can work without changing the frequency.

Kanyaka Parameshwari Engineering Ltd is the eminent single phase transformer manufacturers in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. The transformer can increase and decrease with an eight position rotary switch, low tension naturally air-cooled tape wound. Our device is appreciated for its quiet and long-lasting operation. Moreover, this device offers a wide range of termination incorporation. Single Phase BIS Marked Energy Efficient Transformers Up to 25kVA. Temperature Rise – Windings - 40°C, Oil - 35°C