Power Transformer Manufacturers in Hyderabad

Kanyaka Parameshwari Engineering Ltd is engaged to manufacture and provide Power Transformers. We are the leading power transformer manufacturers in Hyderabad, India. We manufacture greater energy efficiency transformers and superior quality products with capacities up to 6.35 MVA. Power transformers are quite important to assure appropriate voltage regulation and maintenance.

If you're trying to find cost-friendly and efficient power transformers, then you ought to reach Kanyaka Parameshwari Engineering Ltd. It is the simplest power transformer manufacturer in Hyderabad. Power generation needs several important solutions. To enable power transmission to different places, step-up and step-down power transformers are needed to increase or decrease the voltage levels.

Kanyaka manufactures the simplest Power Transformer Manufacturers in Hyderabad, as per the needs of customers with capacities ranging upto 6.35 MVA. We are especially engaged in manufacturing small and medium power transformers in voltages of Primary 6.35/11/22/33kv, Secondary – 433v. Kanyaka Parameshwari Engineering Ltd is privileged to supply its valuable power transformer solutions to eco-friendly projects. We offer outstanding transformers for wind and solar energy plants for voltage regulation. Along with superior quality manufacturing, we provide notable transformer services with our trusted brand of Kanyaka Parameshwari Engineering Ltd.