Oil Filled Transformers Manufacturers and Suppliers

Kanyaka Parameshwari Engineering Ltd has made an impact through its innovation within the transformers manufacturing community. The consistent increase of productivity has led to the success of the brand and enabled us to be the leading Oil Filled Transformers manufacturers and suppliers. We plan to assure customer satisfaction. Supporting high voltages, oil filled transformers are needed at the moment. From substations to industrial purposes, oil filled transformers are installed. Oil Filled Transformers provide these technical specifications. Temperature Rise – Windings - 55°C, Oil - 45°C Available in single-phase and 3-phase Frequency measures up to 60 Hertz As per requirement, load tap chargers are included.

The transformer is manufactured as per BIS standards. The tests are made in-house ensuring high performance of Oil filled transformers. Use of superior quality materials while designing, makes the transformers work for an extended time. Kanyaka Parameshwari Engineering Ltd is committed to investing time to showcase the best in class transformers. This recognition makes us to be one among the leading oil filled transformers manufacturers and suppliers.

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